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Sound reading service

[December 12, 2017]

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About letter information sound reading service

◆With lead speaker◆

It is sound reading service that lead speaker Japan company reading letter information of homepage aloud by sound provides.
Homepage which is old because even sound provides information and weak, eyestrain of eyesight breathe, and can use homepage for comfortably.
Exclusive plug in, application are all-free and are available free.


・When one clicks [button (picture file) adopting or link] on page, we read sentence of range appointed beforehand aloud automatically.
・When range chooses sentence that wants to perform reading with mouse and clicks reading button, we read only part chosen range aloud.
・You can choose having highlight function or not, change of reading speed, having some reading function or not when you click "setting icon" (form of gear) in player.
  In addition, of presence, sentence of automatic scroll of change, screen of highlighted color can choose spreading and displaying.
・You validate setting of JavaScript, and please use to use all functions.

[keyboard operation]
・Lead speaker does not use mouse, and reading start, operation of stop are possible with keyboard.

* Reading stop: Enter (all browsers are common)

* Reading start: It varies according to each OS. browser.


・IE   :Alt+L +Enter 
・Firefox :Alt+Shift+L
・Chrome  :Alt+L
・Safari  :Alt+L
・Edge  :Alt+L

<Mac >

・More than Firefox 2  :Control+L
・More than Firefox 14 :Control+Alt+L
・More than Chrome 1   :Control+Alt+L
・More than Safari 4   :Control+Alt+L

◆The use is◆
[when not introduced all pages] Please fill in service use possibility range.


For automatic sound reading by synthetic sound including person's name, the place name, proper noun, abbreviation please note that may not be read definitely.
In addition, please note that lead speaker Japan does not take all responsibility when some kind of damage occurs by the use of this service directly or indirectly.

◆Movement environment◆

Kind of the OS and browser does not matter and copes. (we include tablet terminal, smartphone)

At terminal where sound player corresponding to mp3 accompanies, offer of sound is possible.

◆Offer company◆

Lead speaker Japan.
Led by government office and local government, major private enterprise and media where barrier-free of homepage aims at becoming since establishment in welfare developed country Sweden in 1999, it is 62 countries of the world, the first person of sound offer ASP service that raises its introduction results more than 6000 sites, sole agent in Japan of lead speaker Corporation.