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Site administration policy

[February 25, 2016]

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About environment to recommend

About data form

  • Other than the HTML form, there are Word, Excel (we recommend 2003 or more), data of Portable Document Format. We use this properly in each property including thing premising thing with much quantity including document, thing having to hold original layout, reuse of data in total. You think whether you may not see depending on PC environment of one that is used, but please note that you adopt form that there are many users.

Copyright Policy

  • As a general rule, copyright of Seki-shi homepage subsists in Seki-shi, but in the outside including some photographs and illustrations of copyright there may be.

About disclaimers

  • We are absolutely sure with accuracy of information to place in Seki-shi homepage, but Seki-shi does not take responsibility about all acts that user performs using information of Seki-shi homepage. We do not take responsibility for the damage, loss that covered because user accessed Seki-shi homepage.
  • Please note that we change contents and address without prior notice or Seki-shi homepage may delete.

Link policy

  • When you wish to link to Seki-shi homepage, please contact the secretary public relations section. In addition, link for the purpose of sale and business of product and other generally links about trust of Seki-shi are not expected.
    ※When link is set, please assume principle top page.
    ※As operability might spoil for user remarkably, please refrain from letting you display in frame.
  • About links from Seki-shi homepage to other homepages,
    1.We are related to Motoichi
    2.Or country and local public entity are similar
    3.Of the need of reporting in particular there is
    You limit to this, and, as a general rule, please note that you do not set link in general company, group or personal homepage.

Security Policy

  • Security when you see Seki-shi homepage does not set in particular. You can see anyone freely. Thus, please understand in there being the general risk for data playing over the Internet.