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Furusato nouzei catalogue, application

[June 3, 2013]

ID: 242

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About support contribution for Seki-shi heavy rain disaster

Heavy rain let tsubogawa which flowed through Seki-shi overflow in July, 2018 and gave serious damage around Seki-shi Mugi, Kaminoho area that was tsubogawa basin.

By this heavy rain, in Mugi, Kaminoho area, all inhabitants receive evacuation order, and a little less than 400 houses catch inundation damage. In addition, mud and garbage of river are scattered in community road, and the situation that living of inhabitants does not always go as we want continues.

We put up geya tatami mat in mud led by local resident and disaster volunteer and work on cleaning, but much support is anticipated with need for speedy restoration, revival now.

Therefore, in portal site "Furusato choice" "satofuru" "furunabi," we start contribution acceptance of disaster support using Furusato nouzei system.

I would like warm support from all of you.

Please support "Furusato, seki"

Please support "Furusato, seki" in who can think Seki-shi to be "second Furusato" "Furusato of heart", everybody, that Seki-shi is "Furusato which was born and raised", "Furusato nouzei system".

Furusato, seki support donation reward product

Furusato nouzei catalogue

As thanks that "Furusato, seki support donation" gave contribution more than 5,000 yen to, we present special product of Seki-shi.

You can see the details when we click catalogue. 

※Presentation of reward product intends toward the suburbs.

We renewed reward product mainly on knife product!

"The best knife in Japan" through Furusato nouzei by all means at hand!


Use of "Furusato, seki support donation"

Donation that all of you gave to conjugates in business of the next field.

  ※Use of donation, please choose one among the next seven areas.


 Promotion of 1 "town, seki of knife" local industry

 Tradition of maintenance and "oze cormorant fishing" of 2 clear stream Nagara River

 Support of children carrying support & future of 3 child care mom daddies

 Support of treasure, Sekishoko high school of 4 areas

 Support of 5 local line Nagara River railroads

 6 social movements and volunteer support, support of town development

 We entrust you in 7 Seki-shi

Concrete utilization method from this

Application method of "Furusato, seki support donation"

About method of contribution, there are three of "payment by postal transfer" "payment at city hall window" "payment with credit card".

Contribution with 1 credit card

From the Internet "Furusato choice" "Rakuten market Furusato nouzei portal site" "furunabi" [fall, and can pay.

One where plastic credit is hoped for clicks lower banner, and please advance.

Furusato choice

Furusato choice banner

Rakuten market Furusato nouzei portal site

Rakuten Furusato nouzei


furunabihe link


To "satofuru"

Transfer from 2 Japan Post Bank

Person wanting transfer from Japan Post Bank has you fill in matter necessary for donation application, and please propose by mail, fax, E-mail.

 As we send transfer paper of Japan Post Bank after the confirmation, I am sorry for your trouble very much, but I would like transfer from nearest Japan Post Bank. (as for the transfer fee, unnecessary)


 Mail     It is addressed to 〒 501-3894 3-1, Wakakusadori, Seki-shi Seki-shi plan public relations section 

 Fax 0575-23-7744


Contribution direct in 3 city halls

Person that payment of donation is hoped for directly in city hall take cash with donation application. (to the third floor of Seki City Office north Government building plan public relations section)

Application downloading from this


Acquisition of Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader is necessary for reading of PDF file. When the software is not installed, please perform downloading (for free) of Adobe Reader from site of Adobe company.
Acquisition of Word Viewer
Word Viewer of Microsoft Corporation is necessary for reading of doc file. When the software is not installed, please perform downloading (for free) of Word Viewer from site of Microsoft Corporation.

One stop exception application

Please attach documents listed in the following table by all means.

One that has "personal number card"

One that has "notice card"

One that there is neither of "personal number card" "notice card"

Documents of personal number confirmation

Copy of other side of personal number card

Copy of notice card

Copy of resident's card which personal number was listed in

Documents of identity verification

Copy of table of personal number card

Copy of displayed identification card of photograph of the face

(driver's license, passport)

Copy of displayed identification card of photograph of the face

(driver's license, passport)

Structure of Furusato nouzei system

Including preferential treatment in the taxation system of donation please refer to Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications homepage in detail.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Furusato nouzei portal site

The recruitment of Furusato, seki support donation companies point

The situation of contribution

About fraud site dressed in Furusato nouzei

Fraud site that claimed to be able to apply for Furusato nouzei is confirmed. Oldness and Internet site that can pay its tax are "Furusato choice" "Rakuten market" "furunabi" "satofuru" to our city. Even if there is publication of our city reward product as we do not accept contribution from the Internet except "Furusato choice" "Rakuten market" "furunabi" "satofuru", please be careful please not to be settled input of personal information.


In addition, please be careful about "Furusato nouzei fraud" to be dressed in the local government. It, please be careful about frauds in absolute one to ask one where "Furusato nouzei" is not applied for to for remittance.


  • About Furusato, seki support donation
     Plan public relations section (telephone) 0575-23-7461 (fax) 0575-23-7744
  • About preferential treatment in the taxation system of "Furusato nouzei system"
     Tax Affairs Section (telephone) 0575-23-8893
  • Contact

    The Seki City Office mayor palace plan public relations section (the third floor of north Government building)

    Telephone: 0575-23-7014

    Fax: 0575-23-7744

    Of phone number please be careful to run wrong!

    Genre in organization

    The mayor palace plan public relations section (the third floor of north Government building)

    We value your comments.

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